FutureSkin DNA Test Kit


Price includes DNA test, postage and full report.

What products are best for your skin and how are you destined to age? Our FutureSkin DNA analysis provides the answer! Taking bespoke skin care to the next level, this test provides information about your skin, including genetic predispositions and weakness within the five vital areas of skin ageing.

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Simply submit a DNA sample, obtained by swabbing the inside of your cheek, and our technicians will do the rest. We’ll fully analyse your genetic makeup to determine what types of issues the future may hold.

The SkinDNA scientists thoroughly analyse a sample of your DNA, identifying certain genetic markers among your unique genome, within the five major areas of skin ageing:

• Firmness + Elasticity
• Free Radical Damage
• Glycation
• Sensitivity + Inflammation
• Sun Damage + Pigmentation

For each category, your results are presented with your overall risk, ranging from high to low, together with other vital statistical information. This report is your skin’s blueprint, with a full analysis of your strengths and weaknesses for each category, based on your unique genetic makeup.

You are provided with a list of active ingredients shown to address issues in the categories that may be of medium or high risk. From there you can use the revolutionary Skin HQ website to find proven products, chosen specifically by Kate, containing these ingredients. Using this information you can create an effective skin care regime, tailored just for you, that targets both your visible and invisible skin health. We also provide advice on both professional and at-home treatments designed to complement your skin care regime.

Remember, your genes are with you for life, so the FutureSkin DNA test is a one-time thing. Once you take the test and get your results, you are set for life.

• Learn exactly what your skin’s strengths and weaknesses are with regard to vital factors like collagen production vs. breakdown, glycation, your skin’s natural ability to protect from and repair UV damage, prevention of free radical damage and tolerance to sensitivity and inflammation.

• Discover what types of future skin symptoms may occur due to your genetic makeup, so you can start using products now, to help delay or prevent their onset.

• Build an effective, tailored skin care regime using products with proven ingredients, targeted specifically to improve your visible and invisible skin health.

• Learn which treatments are most effective at correcting past damage and helping to prevent future stress to your skin.

• As the old saying goes, ‘knowledge is power’, and the knowledge of exactly what your skin needs now, as well as in the future, will help you to take the most logical, effective stance against ageing and empower you to look and feel your best.

These five areas encompass both the visible and invisible aspects of skin ageing, ranging from internal processes that can affect the overall health of our skin, to outwardly obvious issues, such as hyperpigmentation or lines and wrinkles. Learning how your skin functions with respect to these five vital factors will help you to find the products proven to be effective in resolving and preventing your specific concerns. You will be left with beautiful skin that glows with optimum health.

Firmness & Elasticity
As you age, your collagen and elastin structures break down, rendering your skin less effective in healing itself. The skin’s overall functionality decreases, and that youthful plumpness begins to fade, eventually leading to the most obvious signs of ageing. This can include loss of firmness, fine lines, wrinkles, prolonged redness, sagging, and hollowing under the eyes.

Glycation occurs when your serum glucose levels go off-balance and excess glucose molecules link to the skin’s collagen and elastin fibres. This is of particular concern if you have a high sugar diet. The effects of glycation can ultimately damage your collagen and elastin, resulting in accelerated ageing, heavy wrinkles and folds, loss of firmness, uneven skin texture, pillowing of the skin, cracking and thinning skin, and crepe-like skin.

Sun damage + pigmentation
UV exposure is the chief cause of all types of skin ageing, causing the breakdown of collagen and elastin, the formation of skin-damaging free radicals, DNA damage, irregular cellular function, and irregular melanin production. Apart from deteriorating overall skin health, UV damage causes a myriad of issues, including skin cancer, loss of firmness, pigmentation, uneven skin texture, redness, blemishes and freckles, broken capillaries, thinning of the skin, and fine lines.

Free radical damage
Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that can damage virtually any other molecule in the body. This can lead to a variety of diseases and concerns that target all three layers of your skin; the epidermis, the extremely vulnerable dermis and the hypodermic. Prolonged free radical damage results in premature cell death and decreased functioning of our body’s own antioxidant defence systems. This can lead to dull, lifeless skin, irregular pigmentation, rough texture and tone, an imbalance between dryness and oiliness and an overall acceleration of the ageing process.

Sensitivity + inflammation
Whether it is acne breakouts, rosacea flare-ups or a subtle rash you barely notice, inflammation is another one of the leading causes of premature ageing. Inflammation is a natural reaction by our body to protect against what it perceives as a potential infection or toxin. Prolonged inflammation can lead to irregular tissue healing and decreased cellular defence. This can lead to dryness, sensitivity, itching and redness, rashes and swelling and increased sensitivity to environmental insults, such as airborne pollution.

1 Collect. Order the FutureSkin DNA Analysis kit. The test is quick, easy, and painless. Simply swab the inside of your cheek and post the DNA sample to the FutureSkin DNA lab for processing in the included prepaid, addressed envelope.

2 Explore. Your report is an easy-to-read, extremely comprehensive blueprint of your skin. It tells you exactly what your skin may currently be experiencing and what to expect in the future based on your genetic makeup.

3 Discover. Bring the findings of your SkinDNA report back to the Skin HQ website to easily build your tailored skin care regime. To make things easy for you, Kate has chosen effective products within each category and all you have to do is choose the best products for you. Taking into account your skin type and current skin concerns, use your list of ingredients to build the most bespoke regime possible, to address your concerns now and in the future!