FutureSkin DNA

Lines and Wrinkles

As your skin's main structural protein, collagen plays many roles in keeping your skin looking healthy by maintaining firmness, plumpness, and an overall wrinkle-free appearance. Like virtually every system of your body, collagen constantly experiences turnover and renewal. However, as you age, this process slows down causing a constant rate of collagen loss, especially after the age of 40. This collagen breakdown shows up on your skin as a loss of firmness and youthful suppleness, plus the formation of lines and wrinkles.

However, it is not just age that causes the breakdown of collagen. Our genes and genetic makeup both play a major role in the speed of collagen production and eventual breakdown, so while the average age for this change to take place is 40, the rate of production vs. breakdown can differ for many people. This is why so many people, as we say, "look great for their age".

The FutureSkin DNA Analysis provides you with the vital knowledge of exactly what your skin is experiencing with regard to collagen production vs. breakdown, and-based on your genetic makeup-what you can expect in the future. This information can then be used to choose the most effective skin care products to stifle the onset of collagen breakdown, helping your skin to look healthier and younger for longer.

Visible Signs

  • Prolonged Redness
  • Poor Wound Healing
  • Accelerated Ageing
  • Skin Laxity & Sagging
  • Hollowing Under Eyes

Internal Signs

  • Collagen Imbalance
  • Wound Healing Issues
  • Increased Collagen Breakdown
  • Slowdown in Tissue Remodelling

Products to help protect and reactivate collagen production

Iron out lines and wrinkles and restore that youthful glow with this heavy-duty line up of products designed to reactivate collagen production and increase the natural functionality of your skin.

The active ingredients we recommend were all chosen because of their proven results on particular skin concerns. However, as they are all extremely effective, you do not have to use every one of them. Additionally, we tend to include a few other products shown to increase the efficacy of your treatment which may not necessarily include your target ingredients.