FutureSkin DNA


If you're like most people-even the skin-care savvy-you may never have heard the word 'glycation'. In a nutshell, glycation occurs when excess glucose binds to your skin's collagen and elastin fibres, forming abnormal bonds that inevitably lead to tissue damage. By hijacking your collagen and elastin system, glycation essentially causes skin to lose its elasticity, impairing the ability to heal and properly renew itself, and inevitably leading to a host of problems including thinning, redness and inflammation, and loss of firmness and resilience.

In laymen's terms, glycation is a major cause of ageing. The bad news is that simply treating it topically will not make much difference. Glucose is a simple sugar produced by the body that serves as its main energy source. We all have it because we cannot live without it. Certain genetic factors influence how our bodies metabolise glucose and maintain normal, healthy glucose levels. This, in turn, can either increase the chances of glycation in certain individuals, while decreasing it for others. The key is to find out exactly how your genetic makeup influences your body's ability to properly prevent glycation.

Your FutureSkin DNA Analysis provides a comprehensive 'score' that informs you of how your body metabolises glucose, and your risk factor for glycation. This information is vital in deciding which active ingredients your skin care must contain to both counteract glycation and repair past glycation damage.

Visible Signs

  • Heavy Wrinkles & Folds
  • Accelerated Ageing
  • Uneven Skin Texture
  • Pillowing of the Skin
  • Cracking & Thinning Skin

Internal Signs

  • Decreased Elasticity
  • Weak Dermal Epidermal Junction
  • Collagen Cross Linking
  • Hardened Collagen Fibres

Products to help improve and prevent glycation

These products are formulated to target glycation in two ways, by healing the existing damage whilst protecting against future glycation damage.

The active ingredients we recommend were all chosen because of their proven results on particular skin concerns. However as they are all extremely effective, you do not have to use every one of them. Additionally, we tend to include a few other products shown to increase the efficacy of your treatment that may not necessarily include your target ingredients.