Kate Kerr. Clinical Facialist and Director of Kate Kerr London.

Kate Kerr is a London-based clinical facialist with over two decades of experience in skin treatment and rejuvenation. Having practised in the UK as well as internationally, she contributed to two UK Aesthetic ‘Top Clinic’ awards in 2012 and 2013. Kate spent many years working alongside one of the UK’s top dermatologists, gaining knowledge and experience in the medical treatment of various skin conditions and a thorough understanding of today’s most popular aesthetic procedures, including muscle relaxants (aka Botox) and fillers. This unique insight into the synergy between the medical and aesthetic aspects of skin treatment forms the basis of her renowned client treatment and home care programmes.

Kate’s extensive knowledge and highly respected talent have resulted in her being invited to deliver a number of lectures on medical aesthetics for the cosmetic science department of The University of The Arts in London, as well as authoring and co-authoring articles on dermatology in medical journals. Her areas of expertise include the treatment of acne (on which she wrote her thesis), acne scarring and a wide variety of skin conditions including rosacea and skin pigmentation. Kate understands the importance of skin rejuvenation, which is why, unlike many other clinics, every bespoke treatment targets skin-ageing as well as skin health.

Kate’s dermatological knowledge and her advanced skin treatments have resulted in a considerable loyal celebrity following which includes actors, musicians, sports people and royalty. Most importantly, Kate tailors her treatments to each individual client, thus there is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach. It is her passion, her exceptional treatment standards and emphasis on client care which make her one of the most successful facialists in London today.